Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Repurposed Clothing and Household Items

I've been coming across some pretty cute ideas on the internet, and also imagining my own inspired creations.  The bathmat I saw on a sewing website forum and the skirt I have seen something similar out in the world; but have not seen anything on the internet, so I improvised and made this jean pillowcase skirt.

The bathmat is a fairly simple procedure but it creates a lot of terrycloth bits flying everywhere once you start cutting.  You take 2 unwanted towels.  They could be the color scheme of your bathroom decor for matching.  Simply cut the strips at about 5 inches wide and weave the strips alternating the colors in and out to form your design.  Pin everything in place and go around the outside first with your sewing machine, and then conquer the rows vertically and horizontally until the whole thing is sewn together.  I have not completed this project because I broke 3 needles on the sewing machine so I need to get some heavy duty needles to complete it.  But I think it's going to look great when all is said and done.

The skirt was fun to make!  Take any old pair of jeans and cut them off at the crotch area.  Attach a pillowcase to be the skirt part.  Remember inside out and pins!  You can cut slits on the sides at the bottom because the pillowcase will be very straight and not give a lot of range of motion to walk and move.  You could also do this with a regular free flowing skirt.  I want to try a ruffle skirt next with the jeans on top.  You can use lace through the belt loops for a cute and finished look.


  1. WOW Mia, haven't you been busy!!! love the new skirt now that is clever! and the bathmat how cute!!! have you tried the tote bag from a tshirt yet? xxx

  2. You should also make one of those layered tops, get yourself one of those denim waistcoat's and underneath layer would be a blouse in same material as the flowing skirt. Now that would look awesome together.

    Ps, i love your new blog background. xx

  3. Hey Bliss! I know...I have been busy! You know that burst of energy you speak of? Always have it in volumes!!! (:

    I am trying the purse next (after vacation), and that idea of the skirt project sounds good too! I want to try it all really.

  4. Thanks for the compliment on the background-did you have any other blog tips for me? xx