Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bunless Burgers=YUM and Zero Deprivation

Gosh how I can recall the days of the Burger, Fries, & Coke also referred to as SAD (Standard American Diet).
Now don't get me wrong I still have to use those places when on the road; (or no other choice available) and I operate much more efficiently with food in my system than fasting.

I also perjured myself a bit when Mark from Mark's Daily Apple.com rolled out this uber expensive protein powder meal replacement and I said I do not frequent fast food establishments (this is a whole different post).  Well there is one I will most always make an exception for: In-n-Out Burger.  They have a bunless burger you can order and it is called "protein style".  My Great Uncle who has been diagnosed with Celiac and I always have one if I am down in Laguna Beach visiting my Tia and him.
Well today I had a hankering for a bunless burger but there was no need to head over to In-n-Out.  By the way the "Low Carb Burger" at Carl's Jr. is my second favorite.
So this is my homemade version of lunch today.  This was uber simple and my version of "Burger, Fries, & Coke".

I fried a super large patty (about the size of 2 small patties).  I was thinking it looked like a "meat pie" as I was shaping the patty into a circle.
Then I simply took a huge romaine lettuce leaf, added some mayonnaise, and wrapped it up and then wrapped that into a paper towel (because let me tell you it is going to make a mess and I wouldn't want it any other way).  My "soda" was my La Croix Sparkling Water in Lime La Croix Sparkling Water and my "chips" were Strawberry Banana Crisps 100% freeze dried fruit. Fruit Crisps.  I know it doesn't look like much but let me tell you, this little lunch was absolutely delicious! (and easy).  You really start to appreciate your food so much more when you scrutinize all ingredients you are ingesting.  To me, I treat food as a choice I am administering to my body.  It hasn't always been this way.  And I know if we were really to know what we were eating sometimes, we would cringe.  So my goal at this time in my life is to get back to the very basics of where my family's food is sourced from.  If that means I have to make every meal from scratch I am willing to do that for the longevity of our lives and for optimal health and well-being.

I feel so much lighter with a lunch like this.  Tomorrow I am thinking of making a "Yogurt Parfait-Primal Style".  The kind that McD's serves and claims is a healthy choice ;).  I think I can come up with another version that is even tastier, and better.

Protein Style Double Double with grilled onions from In-n-Out (my special treat last week):


  1. WOW MacD hasn't done that type of burger here in the UK, love the idea, but you be shocked if you saw how thin the burgers are from MacD's, hardly a burger at all, i think more like thin rolled out thin pasta sheet thinness, is the size of the burgers they serve up in the UK, but yours looks D'lish! xx

  2. Yes the regular hamburgers are really thin here too at McD's. That food really disgusts me now to tell you the truth. My kids still ask for a "happy meal" from time to time. But I think I may go there every 6 months to get them one and I have nothing from there. At best a salad and yogurt parfait.
    Just saw an article yesterday that one of the ingredients in their chicken nuggets is a foaming agent of some sort. Yucky

  3. Yes the foaming agent is the same stuff they use in garage floor cleaners, you know to get the oil from the yard floors. *I went to my last MacDs 5 weeks ago" i started my GF 4 weeks ago, i remember i had the worse headache imaginable when i got home from MacDs, and i was trying so hard to have all the right foods then.

    I am off to bed now, hugs, speak to you tomorrow xx Bliss xx

  4. Oh well doesn't that just sound lovely (as my stomach churns thinking of it)..

    Yeah the ingredients in most things we eat these days are so questionable :-?, and we wonder why the health is slipping when the Dr. prescribes all this and that to counteract our eating habits. Health is really so simple--put good things into it and think good things in the process.

  5. meant to say *put good things into your body*. Food is like a prescription and you are what you eat (always liked that saying)