Thursday, October 21, 2010

Primal Exercise Indoor/Outdoor 20 minutes

Well we homeschool through a wonderful program K12.  We are required to do 20 minutes of PE a day and we look forward to it.

We combine 10 minutes of yoga and floor exercises with 10 minutes of jumping (see our older post with the obstacle course), running, walking, lifting heavy things, and burpees.  What the heck are burpees?  I asked myself the same thing and I will try to demonstrate in the following photos.  Although I must admit my form hasn't reached what would be considered proper just yet.  I can maybe do about 5 of these right now.  But I know as time goes on I will get better and stronger and my threshold will increase with continued practice.

First from a standing position you crouch down in preparation to thrust your legs out behind you:

Now from this position your legs should be more like Wesley's (I was a little behind when the shot was snapped).  For a real pro at this point you can do a push-up to intensify the workout.

Now jump back into the fetal position stance again:

The last step is to stand from here and "JUMP" with arms straight up as the last bit in the routine:

Now you get to do it all over again!  I like burpees though because you are working out your whole body.

So once we head outdoors for the next part of PE we do some walking with heavy objects (small boulders, anything organic will work or even a weight set) and shift the weight around to work out different areas of your arms and legs.  I will carry on my right side, left side, and overhead (be careful).  My arms are in definite need of toning and I am really eager to start to see some definition in them in the next 6 months.  I also have this camping gear in a knapsack that I can throw over my shoulders and rearrange to get different muscles working:

 You are supposed to walk a mile using the weight resistance, and carry the item different ways to get exposure to each area of your arms.  I don't think I am up to a mile but I am up to 10 min. worth of walking with heavy objects.  And that's more than I can say a few months ago!  Baby steps...:-)

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  1. Look at how skinny you are here, i want to be that skinny!!!