Monday, August 22, 2011

My 30 Day Challenge is underway!

Well folks the time has come to put my fitness and eating program into high gear.  I am not at the target size I want to maintain, so I got inspired this weekend to go completely paleo and when I say that I mean the strict version.

No sugar, dairy, alcohol, and not even certain fruit!...just nature based loveliness of meat, seafood, salads, vegetables, good fats, small amount of nuts, and maybe berries for the sweet tooth that resides inside of me.  I have noticed that I have been craving sugar and wine for the last day or so.  I did have a cheat on Saturday but only a couple glasses of wine and a handful of tortilla chips.  This eating plan does not allow for rice, corn, or any other gluten free flour that I've been eating since going gluten free about 4 years now.  That is going to be a little tough because when I look at my tiramisu recipe on here I realize that is a thing of the past now.  I know why I am not losing weight....gluten free foods are actually more caloric and loaded with carbs, so it really is not a weight loss diet.  I know by the way my clothes fit me that I've actually gained more weight being gluten free but I feel in optimal health despite the extra weight.  It's not a lot of extra weight but you know your body and you can tell when you feel trim and you can tell when you feel puffy, bloated, and not realizing your true potential.

I'm going to take a picture of myself behind the scenes with tight fitting exercise gear to show a before and after.  I am bound and determined to making this a starting point to lose a minimum of 10 pounds, and I plan to use this lifestyle for the rest of my life, but adding in more fruit when my goal is reached, and maybe a celebratory glass of vino :).

If you are interested in checking out some free material to help in your own weight loss goals I recommend this site:

Robb Wolf tools

If you register for his newsletter he will send you all the fundamentals of what a paleo diet is and help you with shopping for your food, etc.

Of course, fitness plays a role in achieving your goals further.  So take the stairs, park as far away as possible from the shopping center, walk instead of ride.  Those decisions will just come naturally as you progress into the lifestyle.

Wishing us all health in this journey of life!



  1. Did you read Nickie's diet, is it similiar to that one? and can you not eaten have gluten free flour or even cornflour? And you know you must now stop saying you cheated, you had a treat, soon as anyone says the word cheat in a food program, then its not going to last, you gave yourself a treat for having a lovely time with family. Hugsss i will look into this tomorrow, ive been watching Bridge Jones on the telly all night, got on here as it went off. Night xx

  2. You can tell i am ready for bed i am making spelling mistakes badly LOL xx

  3. No you cannot have anything like that on paleo. You shouldn't even eat certain fruits on the initial start up of it too because of sugar content. Well "treat/cheat" no matter how you slice it, it means the same to me. I actually started the plan Saturday but it is hard when you are at a party or something like that.

    Very interesting in Robb's book also about having wine towards the latter part of the day or close to bedtime. I have been doing that for the longest time and evidently it shuts off your growth hormone which is responsible for keeping your body lean and fighting aging. So I guess I've been doing that all wrong! Oh boy, how am I going to undo that one?!

    Oh well tomorrow is another day and I am thinking positively positive!!!

  4. Get his "get started and shopping list plan"

  5. It's called "Free Quick Start Guide" and shopping list.