Monday, August 22, 2011

Paleo Sorbet

Well I had to think fast today to come up with a dessert that was naturally sweet (although I am not hesitating to use organic honey when I need to).

I just grabbed my frozen bag of berries and added a small amount of orange juice.  You have to get that soft consistency but not make it a smoothie!

This was so good and refreshing and totally satisfied my cravings for something sweet.  Ahhhhhh!


  1. That looks gorgeous!!! i was going out tomorrow to buy some sorbet, so tell me more about this Paleo diet, or send me to a basic page to read about it.

    I agree with you abnout the gluten free foods they are full of sugar, and i think thats reason why my weight isn't going down, with a few other things too, well i am going to bed now, i am trying to get to bed early, tonight i am full of energy as i have only eaten eggs, walnuts, and potatoes LOL, boring i know, but the fridge was almost bare.

    I have done 6 lots of washing, i had all day to dry 5 lots, but the last lot, the sun went down and i have washing everywhere, but its a warm night so it should dry.

    I have a pile of washing all dried from the sun, and it must be 5 foot high, seriously, i shall take a photo tomorrow!

    I am planning to iron them all on Wednesday, lets hope its raining outside, cos its one of those fancy steam generators, and i be sweating buckets.

    Well, i am finally ready to send you a small parcel, been waiting for the pennies to come in before i could, and i also wanted to wait for something to add to it.

    Well done also on doing this diet, i am also going to give it a try...

    Hugs Xxxxx

  2. Hi Friend,

    Yes I think you and I both need to go to the next level on paleo, which is gluten free by nature; but not including g-free baked goods such as our yummy cookies, bread, crackers, etc. There is just too many carbs in rice, corn, and the like.

    Go to and try to get his printouts. I have the link above. It may be too restrictive for you but if we have each other as a support system I figure we can do anything we set our minds to! Positive thinking!

    Well your wash story had me in stitches, LOL! I hope you don't end up buried under like an avalanche coming down--hehe!

    I can send you my Robb Wolf book...I haven't completely decided if I want to let it go, but I have the concept down pretty well by now. He also goes into the scientific aspect of paleo which is interesting but can get somewhat boring and I have flipped around the book and not read it cover to cover just yet.

    So I am going to give it my all for 30 days and see. I was just watching the news tonight and they said once you hit 30 it is an uphill battle on weight. I am trying not to let that statement ingrain itself in my thought pattern!

    I will talk to you in a bit

  3. I am still doing Nickies program, i think its on a border line to the one you are doing, but i definately need to stop the gluten free foods, even the breads are way to high in sugar, but i guess its a learning curve.

    Aye if your only 30, i got 10 years on you! its all down hill from there!!!


  4. No, I wish I was around the 30 mark :) Add about 14 years to that number...but it's just a number, right?

  5. Oh my gosh, so I have now set my sights on getting a Vitamix blender. I have wanted one for more years than I can count and just saw an infomercial last weekend for a great deal but was too afraid to take the plunge still. It's hard to justify paying $400 for a blender. But they are such a great investment and I could make such better sorbet with it! :-)