Friday, July 29, 2011

Wrap Shirt revisited and altered

I absolutely love the wrap shirt I made that was one of my first sewing projects.  I thought the lace at the bottom would be my signature look on all the tops I created.  I think it might still be but I decided to alter the blouse to not include the lace and it fits really well this way.  The lace was sort of confining and went around the rear end a little on the tight side.  I cut through a side of it and tucked it under.  This was if I change my mind or want to try something different again, I still have the stretch lace there.  I also shortened the wraps.  They were so long I was wrapping them around about 3 times and that was too much.

For the original design visit the wrap shirt post, and here is the finished, altered look:



I am going to be doing my apron this weekend and probably a few more sewing projects...maybe a pillow?  And hopefully some more of those cookies!  If I attempt any new recipes I will post.

Thanks for your awesome free patterns and a big shout out to the girls at the shabby blog that I got my free header from.  I am really jazzed about the new blog look!  I feel it represents me better and makes me more enthusiastic about posting and sharing + Free is awesome and helpful!!! xxoo  So thank you again to those sites that make it possible to express our creativity without having to spend extra bucks.

Have a great weekend and see you next week :o)


  1. Now i really like that, i prefer it without the lace, its very sleek!

    Ohhhh and i loveee your new template, i am going in search to see if i can get a new one too, love the white to write on! Well done girlfriend! xx

  2. Thanks Blissy (that's Bliss and Missy combined) hahahaha

    Did you try Shabby Blogs? The background here is actually one from Blogger. The header is from Shabby Blogs;)