Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspiration to craft!

Must see video tutorial:

T Shirt Purse

And my results:

(click photo for close up view)
 SUPER FUN project but these little bags are really meant for light loads.  I put a water bottle and some items to run to the store and the water bottle sunk very far down and made the bag look extremely looong.  It's all good though!

Each was made with a recycled scarf and belt I had laying around so of course this cost ZERO.  This would be so great to make in a summer camp setting.  Kids would really go crazy with this :o)




    I loved the butterfly one on the video because it had a ribbon strap, i wasn't keen on the rope strap, only because with the amount of things i carry around with me it be a welt in my shoulder, your little creations are really cute!!!

  2. Yeah but... you could make them into bags for hot water bottles for the winter... that would look cool too!

    They would be ideal for say, a school book or exercise book for classes!

  3. Oh hi! Thought you would be down for your nightly nap :)

    You should make one of these Ella! You saw how easy it was and you don't need a sewing machine (although I did use one)


    Here is a brilliant coin and card purse, you could make them with the boys...and make them to match your handbags/purses...

  5. And i absolutely love to make this, but i am waiting for my keyboard to need renewing!!!

  6. I saw a BUNCH of duct tape at Target in many kinds of colors and patterns

  7. Only get duct tape in Silver here, so you are lucky, but i got so much to do, not got time to make anything, but it be ideal for you and the boys to do as school art class possibly? xx