Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lunch with Mother Nature

Well this week I am into short and sweet posts!  I have posted quite a few extensive topics since I resurrected the blog last month.

After our camping adventure it has taken me several days to get back to normal life.  Don't get me wrong, I adore being outdoors and roughing it a little.  But that was a long time to be living in a tent!

Yesterday I decided to go gathering in my backyard for my lunch.  Groceries are a bit scarce around here since we came back from camp.  So I thought I would see what Mother Nature provided me with.

I rounded up:

  • Eggs from our backyard chicks
  • tomatoes off our vines
  • green onions out of the garden
  • apples off the tree
Now if only the cilantro had not bit the dust :(

Anyway, I thought I did pretty well with my meal!  Completely satisfying and all provided from things we grew or raised.

And I felt very "paleo" :-D


  1. Living the GOOD LIFE eh hunni, looks great!!! i fell off the wagon alittle by eating some crispy duck, which i am read in the supermarket contains wheat starch, and then i had some tiramisu, that contains more wheat!!! so bad! the fact i am going through some weird stuff i shall blame, i keep going hot!! OMG i keep getting so warm, i feel like my body is going to explode shhhhhhhhhhhhhh DON'T SAY IT, I KNOW WHAT IT CAN BE I DON'T WANT TO ADMIT ITS HAPPENING!!! i am tooooo young for that!!!

  2. Oh no bad girl! HAHAHA The great part is you can always start over. How did you feel after you had those things? (besides some minor guilt). Did you notice feeling a little ill or fine? Because sometimes you might need a dose of the old food as you are detoxing away from it. I don't think it will be that impactful that you ate those things.

    Hot, huh? Well that could also be a sign of burning fat! Probably a good thing. I know you are walking around town a lot so I bet you are really burning some calories.

    I'm off to do a bunch of errands myself in town, but I have to drive. I hope I find the kettlebell set!

    Talk to you later! xxxxx

  3. I had the "i need to be close to the bathroom!" feeling!!! and i felt so tired and quite sickly really, sure can tell! i am in my 6 weeks now!!!

    Oh yeah, the days before and yesterday i was on a total fruit and proteins, so it really could just be THE BURN! i have noticed the bingo wings are looking like something is getting wobbly...

    Don't spend a fortune on that kettlebell!!!

  4. That workout has my tummy a bit crazy this morning! Plus I had a gluten free beer last night and not sure if it sat well with me. May have to try again this weekend and see if the same results. Sure tasted good on a hot evening!

  5. ...but I am not a beer person really...I like to sip some wine though!