Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In search of "fun" exercise!

On my list of things to do I have quite a few things to accomplish this summer.  One of those being to put a exercise regime full place in my life.

I have been researching quite a bit, and I want to make sure whatever I buy (if anything), will be a good investment and be really fun to do.

I came across an informercial for this product: Kettleworx which looks like it might fit the bill.  But for $90, not sure I want to spend that right now on something that might ultimately end up collecting dust.  I do really like the fact that on this one, you only work out Mon, Wed, and Fri for 20 minutes each day.  That sounds doable.

I also stumbled across: Bodyrocktv That woman's body is killer and she makes it her life to work out.  I am not sure I am that inclined to follow her routine.  Maybe I will take a little of each of their programs and make my own?

Was thinking to at least get a 5 lb. and 10 lb. kettleball as a starting point and go from there.  If anyone has exercise ideas or tips or what you are currently doing for exercise, leave a comment.

Enjoy your day! :o)


  1. Wooohooo Chick, i have a Kettlebell, mine cost approx $40 with dvd, i got it in the sale in April, when i had that lumbar puncture that went wrong and i could not put my right leg to the floor, i did some strengthening exercises, as in i put the kettle bell on my foot, 4lb weight only, and i lift up and down i did this each night for about a week, it strengthened up my leg, and now i am walking okay, so got for it, but dont get one thats too heavy, 2lb or 4lb is perfect, any bigger and you will strain yourself.

  2. Oooh looking at that Kettlebell deal you get a 5lb weight, and you get 6 dvds and another dvd, so i would say it was worth it, but seriously its wasting money, you will need just one dvd and kettlebell, look around for a cheaper deal! Just incase you hate it, then your not stuck with 7 dvds. XXX

  3. Mia, this is the one i got... I told you how expensive everything is here in the UK...


    Look at how cheap it is over in USA!

    And that one is brilliant! but, beware i got so involved with it, if i had for a split second not paid attention i would have been without a television LOL!!!

    Or if you really want to save money, here is a cheaper one...


    Don't waste your money getting that $89 set, all of them dvds are only teaching you whats on the first set of dvds i had added on the set i have.

  4. Hey dollface!

    Thanks for the info! :o) I did see those on Amazon and I found this one at Walmart:


    It has good reviews so I'm headed out to Walmart to see if they have one available. And it's pink!!! Gotta love that...

    I am definitely not getting the Kettleworx, too expensive. I'm not sure if this Danskin one has a DVD but if not I will look for one.

  5. Theres no price, how much is it the one you are getting, LOL just done searches on Walmart, i could spend a fortune on there LOL

    PINK ONE! i got a red and black one, does it matter LOL! xx

  6. It was only $13.77!!! And it did come with a DVD. Wow what a difference for the same thing and the Kettleworx is $90. Glad I always do my homework on purchases.

    And yes the color doesn't matter really, but if it's your favorite color that is a bonus isn't it?!