Monday, October 4, 2010

Primal Savory Crepes

Oh I had a delicious and fun time coming up with this recipe.  So very good as a light snack or Hors d'œuvre.

What you will need:

Softened Cream Cheese
Precooked Crispy Bacon
Asparagus Spears (raw)
3 Eggs
Coconut Flour
Heavy Cream
1 Can Olives
Dried or Fresh Herbs
Fresh Lemon


3 eggs separated
Use mixer to make egg whites stiff
Add 1 Tbl coconut flour and 2 Tbl heavy cream to egg yolks.  Whisk by hand until incorporated.  Now combine egg whites gently to egg yolk mixture not breaking down whites too much.
A waffle iron that has a flat griddle function is optimal but you can just use a frying pan if you do not have a waffle iron.  Heat pan very hot with a generous amount of coconut oil.
Lay batter down and turn shortly after and smash down to make a large flat pancake that is crepe-like.
You want a very thin crepe and not cooked too brown or it will crisp and break.  Just when it is barely turning brown, remove and go onto making the rest of the batter into crepes.
Set those aside and start on Tapenade.


1 Can Pitted Olives (you can use Kalamata or green or black)
2 Tbs Capers
2 Tbs Olive Oil
2 Tbs Fresh Lemon Juice
1 tsp Fresh or Dried Rosemary
1 tsp Fresh or Dried Thyme
1 clove garlic

Put all these ingredients into food processor and pulse until a coarse paste like spread.  Set aside.

Get raw asparagus washed and snipped to about half and use the spear.  Toss stem.

Take Crepe and gently spread thin layer of cream cheese over.  Now put a dab of Tapenade and spread over cream cheese.  Then lay one crisp slice of bacon and 1 asparagus spear on Tapenade.  Roll up like a burrito and there you have a delicious Savory Crepe.

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