Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dinner Idea: Primal Lasagna

This recipe was an idea on Mark's Daily Apple.  Kelly submitted two spaghetti squash recipes and this is my favorite of the two.  She called hers a casserole, so I'm adapting this a little to a lasagna.  Although, it is still spaghetti squash so you could really call it a casserole.

1/2 Spaghetti Squash Steamed to tenderness
1 Regular Jar Spaghetti Sauce or from scratch
1 LB. Hamburger
1 C. cheese of choice
Parmesan for the top before serving

To really make nice lasagna layers, double the recipe above.  I just made one layer this time.  First of all, start browning your ground beef and get your squash cut in half and placed in microwave with some water in your 9 x 13 pyrex.  Get that going at about 11-12 min.
After you have steamed the squash, scrape all the squash with a fork and spoon into pyrex.  Now check ground beef and add spaghetti sauce.  Once that is combined and bubbling, add to pyrex with squash.  Use pasta utensil to turn mixture around until combined pretty well.  Now add layer of cheese to the top.  For the double recipe, you would repeat steps and have two layers.

All I can say is this is delicious!  Tastes like the perfect combo of spaghetti and lasagna with the cheese.  I know I will be making this at least a couple times a month.