Saturday, October 2, 2010

Primal Blueprint Recipe: Primal Potatoes

This is another submission on Mark's Daily Apple for a video contest!  I've been making this recipe for a good long time and I love it.  You can totally sneak these by pretty much anyone as mashed potatoes.  I will be making a recipe for gravy before Thanksgiving to match these!


  1. Great demo Sis!! I really enjoyed your video and those Primal Potatoes sure do look D'Lish! Who was your camera man...they did a super job!


  2. Hi Sis Kate,
    I am pretty embarassed about this video but with all the work that went into it I posted it anyway! Zachary was my videographer and he edited for me as well. That in and of itself took over 3 hours. Then he misspelled some words on the opening and closing screen shots so I was all upset. I'm such a crazy person when it comes to proper grammar! He was in such a big hurry because he was leaving for Boston the very next day. It is really hard to watch and see yourself on video, LOL!